April – Month of the Military Child

I have been in the Army for over 16 years now and this month is going to be the first month that we have celebrated the Month of the Military Child. I’m honestly not sure why I have never celebrated it with my daughter before. My daughter is now 12 years old and she’s been around the Military her whole life, she knows no different. My husband was an Air Force brat, so he understands the Army, NONE. With my step daughter and step son, this is all new to them. So maybe that’s why I wanted to celebrate it this year. My step son, seems to love that I am in the military and has asked for Dress Blue Rank to be sewn on to a zip up hoodie that he wears all of the time. So special.

Scentsy has a perfect warmer to help celebrate this month. The Service and Sacrifice warmer is a prefect warmer for any Military Child, parent(s) who have children in the Military, or even a Military member. Or honestly anyone! It means so much and is something that shows your support to the Military.


 Service & Sacrifice





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